Decorative wall cork bark CAMELEON 15x610x915mm

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Originality and uniqueness at your fingertips!

Looking for an original finish for the bedroom or living room? Thinking about a new and ecological interior design for your restaurant or office? Or maybe you just need a spectacularly natural and beautiful lining for the terrarium? The decorative cork bark is the answer to all of the above, and more.

New line of Virgin decorative cork wall tiles is the answer to fashion and trend for pursuing the most natural, ecological, and environmentally friendly and, at the same time, unusual finishing materials. Natural and solid cork panels from raw cork bark are an original, designer and 100% natural and ecological product. Untainted, solid cork bark has been glued on a flat panel of agglomerated cork.

As all cork wall panels, apart from their decorative advantages, they also enhance the acoustics and thermal insulation of the room, which drastically increases the comfort level. Virgin decorative cork bark is in 610x915mm format, is 15mm tick and weights 4 kgs. It is a perfect and original home, restaurant, shop or office interior decor, as well as a decoration for terrariums and aquariums.

Bored by the omnipresent ceramics, classical wood or cold glass? Choose a timeless material that will take everyone’s breath away. Every decorative cork wall covering is 100% unique, designed and created by nature. Cork sheets will transform the interiors and make them more refined, so that you can impress your friends and family with your taste.

Decorative cork wall panels are an extremely practical solution, if apart from an unconventional wall decor you are looking for a way to sound-proof and warm-up the interior. Cork wall sheets will be a perfect solution for any interiors more prone to noise and stains, such as rooms, lobbys and corridors.

Cork bark is a perfect terrarium and aquarium decor. It provides a great hiding spot for its small inhabitants, such as reptiles, amphibiae or fish and it will make them feel at home. It is completely safe, waterproof, handy and easy to cut, so you do not have to worry about your pets.

How to fix decorative cork wall tiles and tools to use?

Decorative cork wall tiles are a fine material that can be fixed in a variety of ways. The cheapest and the easiest method to fix it by gluing with cork glue. We recommend Wakol D-3540 that can be found in our ‘Cork Glues’ section. Our advice is to use around 120 grams of glue per sheet, which means that 0.8kg of glue is enough for 6 sheets, and a bucket of 2.5kg -20 sheets. Of course using cork glue is not obligatory. The most widely used fixing glues and strong wood binders. It is best to choose a product with good initial tack, as it will make the job easier and faster, especially for the less experienced.

What make cork wall tiles so special?

Perfect thermal and acoustic isolation. Cork has an extremently low conductivity of heat and noise. It is always warm to touch, does not permeate nor absorbs our body heat. Contrary to other materials cork keeps its isolation properties in a wide range of temperatures. All this thanks to a special structure that is impossible to achieve with modern technology where for every cubic centimetre there are 40 million independent cells full of air. Each and every one of these perfect cells will incessantly, 24 hours a day, protect you and your family against cold, noise, vibrations and moisture.

Impact on microclimate. Natural cork for walls was properties that allow for the stabilization of temperature and humidity. It has a positive impact on the room’s microclimate and acoustic. It is an effective way to isolate the space from the negative influence of construction materials.

Naturalness and ecology. Cork wall board is 100% natural and environmentally friendly during the production process, as well as during further usage. It doesn’t contain any harmful additives and useless fillers.

Antistatic and hypoallergenic. There are no electric charges gathering on the cork’s surface so it doesn’t pick up the static. Due to this fact it neither attracts nor absorbs dust. It doesn’t cause allergies and doesn’t pose a threat to the asthmatics.

Damage resistance. Due to its honeycomb structure it is much more abrasion resistant than other underlays even with high coefficient of friction. Can wood fibres withstand a hammer blow?

Vibration isolation. Thanks to its particular porous structure and high elasticity cork wall panels does not transfer vibrations. What is why natural cork absorbs sound waves and vibrations perfectly.

Neutrality. One of cork’s additional qualities is its chemical indifference. Cork for walls does not react with liquids, doesn’t have taste nor smell and it doesn’t affect health. Thanks to the presence of tannins and lack of protein cork is not susceptible to humidity and rotting.

Lightness. 90% of cork’s volume and 50% of its mass is air. Cork wall is a material 5 times lighter than water, and since it is impermeable, it is unsinkable too. This was one of the cork’s properties that were known and used for thousands of years.

Fire resistance. Cork tiles for walls are naturally fire resistant materials. When in contact with fire it burns without a flame and therefore doesn’t release any toxic gases.

Sustainable production process. Natural cork wallpaper is made from the bark of the cork tree, the ever-green type of cork oak that covers the wide areas of Mediterranean coast. The layer of hard cork of a few to a dozen or so centimetres is separated from the trunk in the 10-year periods without any damage to the tree itself.

What mistakes to avoid?

Last but not least! Natural cork wall is a product that is very sensitive to changes in humidity. If the humidity drops the sheet will shrink. Due to changing conditions during warehousing and transport we recommend resting the natural cork for 48 hours in the same conditions it will be installed. This will prevent from creating any gaps between the decorative cork sheets. Such situations are very common especially during winter and autumn seasons, when cold and moist wall cork is delivered to a warm and dry space. That is why any natural cork purchases should be done with a few days notice to be able to prepare it correctly and, at the same time, avoid additional costs and unwanted stress.

100% return guarantee. Indefinitely.

Indefinite return of this product to our shop is possible. Subject to return is a complete cork in original packaging, without traces of uses and contamination, which is suitable for further resell. It doesn’t matter if there is a change in concept or the ordered amount was excessive. When buying these products you can be sure that we will accept the return whenever you need. Bear that in mind, as in other shops returns are possible only within 14 days from the day of receiving your order.

Add to Basket, payment, delivery... but when will the order arrive?

We are putting our best efforts to make cork products purchases in our shop the easiest, safest and simplest as possible. Payment for the purchase can be done in a variety of ways: from cash payment to the courier, as well as by bank transfer or credit card. Cork products are packed in durable and thick cardboard and are delivered swiftly by FedEx Express. Every day we make sure that the ordered products are in stock. Therefore our packages are delivered mostly within 48 hours from the order confirmation. In case of a need to set a particular or faster delivery date, please contact or Sales Team to confirm the possibility of such delivery before making a purchase.

Did you know that by choosing our wall cork you are helping the environment?

Natural cork is produced with care for low energy usages, practically nonexistent emission and minimum environmental impact. Choosing 100% natural cork products, you are contributing to the development of responsible, innovative and sustainable solutions, help protect our environment and future generations. Enjoy the shopping!

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