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Why should I reach for a cork tape?

What is your first association with cork? Let us guess... a wine stopper! But natural cork is much more. Technical cork in the form of a tape with ready-to-use strips is our answer to the needs of those who appreciate the practical and decorative properties of cork but need more. The cork strip roll has been designed for the customers for whom the standard cork size and form is insufficient.

Passion for nature with a cork strip roll

Did you know that natural cork is obtained from the bark of cork oak? The outer layer grows back every 9 years. Collecting cork does not harm trees, and producing crafting tapes from this unusual material does not harm the environment. Reach for a material made from real natural cork and designed with care for nature!

How can I use my crafting tape?

Cork strip roll – what can this fantastic material be used for?
  • Creating various types of modern and natural decorations,
  • cork tapes perfectly mask unsightly gaps,
  • used in the production of ecological bags and clothes,
  • protects the surfaces from scratches and dirt,
  • can be used in, e.g. home, school, office or dormitory.

Cork tape – available sizes

Crafting tapes are sold in the form of handy rolls. Our offer includes two formats of cork tape: 2mm x 50mm x 50m and 2mm x 100mm x 50m.

Explore the benefits of using cork strip roll

There are many of them!
  • Cork tape is easy and handy to use,
  • a durable material that will serve you for a long time,
  • easy to clean,
  • natural cork is relatively flexible and light.

How can I process natural cork?

Crafting tape offers many possibilities when it comes to processing the material – it can be cut into different sizes, engraved, etc. Depending on the selected binder, your cork tape can be applied to various surfaces: ceramics, stone, or simply as a finishing material.

The best crafting tape for art and DIY projects

Create a unique art installation with cork hobbycraft tape! Cork strip roll is a convenient material for a variety of art projects. Our product is loved by industries that create, e.g. fashionable and unconventional greeting cards or one-of-a-kind floral compositions.
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