Flooring underlay rubber cork roll 6mm x 1m x 5m for all floor types - BESTSELLER!

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Model/Product no.: PGK-6MM(1)
Weight: 21 kg
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The best underfloor cork underlayment with high intensity!

The rubber cork underlayment is dedicated to all floor solutions, in which the highest emphasis is placed on higher density, durability, mechanical strength and the best parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation of the ground. For this purpose, a suitable portion of rubber regranulate is added to the cork granules. The floor mounted on a cork rubber underlay is very quiet, warm and comfortable.

Why is it the rubber cork so special?

The cork rubber has a 3x higher density compared to the cork underlayment, which makes it perfectly eliminate both air and impact noise. High density and flexibility also result in high compressive and tensile strength, which is why the rubber cork underlayment can be used for any type of surface, regardless of the purpose and volume of traffic. It is especially recommended for heavily loaded residential, commercial, public and industrial floors.

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