Best-selling Cork Products "Complete" Sample Set - over 40 pcs.

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Would you like to touch and see the cork before purchasing?

Our carefully selected sampler boxes are indispensable when it comes to presenting the actual product to the client, especially such an unique one. Catalogue photos and computer screens may not give justice to its real look and structure, not showing its full attractiveness.

Therefore it is worth having a sampler box. It will help not only to buy the right thickness of the technical cork, but also the right shade of decorative cork. Thanks to its compact size it can easily travel with you and its smart design allows for quick browsing and comparing. Doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, designer, shopper or just a client enchanted by cork. Now you don’t have to decide and buy blindly. Order our sampler and see the cork from up close, touch it and see if it fits your requirements 100%!

Which sampler to choose?

For your convenience we have prepared 2 types of samplers – basic and complete. Basic sampler includes over 30 most popular technical and decorative cork types. It is recommended for those not decided on the wall cork tile, cork pin board or insulation. Complete sampler showcases over 40 types of cork and is dedicated to our distributors and business partners that would like a look into the complete offer.

With our samplers you are making sure you see the real product and its natural properties are not distorted. Only our samplers will show you the full potential of our highest quality cork.

Set contains:

1. Agglomerated Cork Sample-SET 100x200mm:
- 3mm thick fine-grained cork sheet sample
- 10mm thick coarse-grained cork sheet sample
- 5mm thick medium-grained cork sheet sample
- 9mm thick coarse-grained cork sheet sample
- 5mm thick self-adhesive fine-grained colored cork sheet sample
- 3mm thick HQ agglomerated cork roll sample
- 2mm thick underlayment cork roll sample
- 2mm thick underlayment rubber-cork roll sample

2. Decorative Cork Wall Sample-SET (Natural Design) 3x150x200mm:
- tripoli
- veneto
- vario verde
- vario rojo
- vario negro
- vario blanco
- vario azul

- niebla
- laguna
- marea
- alpino

3. Decorative Cork Wall Sample-SET (Modern Design) 3x150x200mm:
- estela
- basilea
- tigre
- rustico p
- rustico n
- europa vmp
- europa pb
- europa

- aquarius
- angola mist

4. Dilatation (fine-grained) cork strips Sample-SET:
- 5x16mm
- 7x16mm
- 10x16mm
- 5x23mm
- 7x23mm
- 10x23mm

5. Liquid expansion cork:
- Liquid expansion cork Bostik 3070 - 500 ml

6. Expanded cork sample:
- 25x100x150mm

7. Expanded "Lambourde" cork sample:
- 40x200x250mm

8. Dekorative cork bark Virgin sample:
- 25x300x300mm

9. Dekorative "DeCork" Sample-SET:
- 1 pcs. expanded DeCork
- 1 pcs. textiled DeCork
- 1 pcs. felted DeCork

10. Dekorative cork strips Sample-SET.


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