Cork boards

Useful in every office, cork notice board. It hangs on it all the most important information, you plan, collected postcards and other useful materials. With it, your life becomes much easier! And we make it easier for you even more. Why? Because in our offer you will find cork boards in many sizes, with a variety of finish, borders, color... but they are connected by one, the most important issue - quality from the top shelf. What distinguishes our cork boards sheets? A huge selection of options, many different dimensions and binding method: in aluminum, wooden or MDF frame. Customizable to individual customer needs. Do you want a cork board to have your logo or do you dream of a colorful border? Everything is possible with us. The right thickness of the core of the board, as much as 10 mm, which allows you to drive in it even the longest pins, without damaging the wall and the risk of something falling off the board, because it will be badly attached. Only carefully selected cork, we care for its quality, so that the cork board looks good, functional and durable.

We guarantee 30% more life long and durability than standard cork boards, all thanks to modern, unique production technology and the best Portuguese natural cork. A set of assembly elements in each set will cause the cork board to hang quickly and efficiently on the wall. At the end, armored packaging and protective foil, so that the table doesn’t happen during transport to even the farthest corner of the world. And of course the best price, you buy straight from the manufacturer!