Cork wall tiles 3D Stripe & Line

Imagine a naturally warm, charming and designer 3D cork wall tiles. The one that will give you everything: not only will it be a good acoustic isolation of the bedroom or the living room, but also a thermal insulation and... a fashionable design solution. We are presenting – the CorkWALL 3D Stripe & Line tiles. Innovational and original 3D structures make a very charismatic decoration. No matter what style is your apartment sporting: retro, modern or Scandinavian... decorative 3D CorkWALL tiles will fit anywhere. And perfectly!

Choose 3D CorkWALL Stripe & Line tiles! Make everyone fall in love with your home’s atmosphere!

Since our everyday life has got even more stressful and demanding we need our own private space to feel comfortable and relax. Decorative cork wall panels will create a special atmosphere everywhere and every time, no matter the day of week, season, weather or your mood is.

Decorative cork tiles are premium quality natural cork wall products that combine the innovation and natural feel of its surface with all the benefits that it has to offer. 100% natural and ecological cork wall tiles will provide acoustic comfort and a perfect thermal insulation. Cover as much space with natural cork tiles uk as you can in your home or office and you will be surprised how much it can offer.

Where can 3D CorkWALL panels be installed?

Decorative cork panels is a natural and absolutely charismatic interior decoration. It is a remarkable and practical solution that enhances the room’s microclimate, decreases the noise levels within and makes the wall warmer. Wall cork tiles will also protect the wall’s surface from stains in the traffic intensive zones, such as lobbys and corridors.

Wall 3D cork is an extremely durable and resistant product that gives time to appreciate it aesthetical and practical qualities. Numerous qualities of wall cork tiles give a new meaning to the term interior personalization. Cork wall tiles can be places in both dry and humid interiors, such as living room, bedroom, child’s room, kitchen, bathroom or sauna.

Decors are fantastic, but how to keep them clean?

It doesn’t require any additional treatments, such as laminating or impregnation after fixing – it is ready to use. 3D CorkWALL Stripe & Line tiles are very resistant to everyday use, external factors and very easy to clean. Diluted delicate detergent with warm water such as dishwashing soap is enough for periodical clean. Optionally, once in a few months it can be additionally impregnated with liquid bee wax, available in your local DIY.