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Decorative NATURAL 3D LINES cork wall tiles - BESTSELLER!

Decorative NATURAL 3D LINES cork wall tiles - BESTSELLER!

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What are 3D Stripe & Line cork tiles?

Decorative 3D Stripe & Line cork wall tiles are a unique example of original, yet minimalistic design. These natural cork panels, manufactured with the highest degree of precision and diligence, will fit perfectly to every interior: an office, a commercial building and a housing estate. They will add a touch of uniqueness, coziness and sophistication to every design.

What inspired us to create them?

The inspiration for our current and future products has always been and will be nature. Its durability, timelessness and uniqueness astonish everybody. Thanks to the tiles’ shape, which is well thought out, you can install them in the same direction and create symmetrical patterns but they can also be arranged in a completely different way, which allows you to build unique compositions. Designer 3D Stripe & Line cork wall covering is 100% environmentally friendly. All cork wall panels are made of sustainable and renewable raw material which can be recycled and is completely biodegradable, namely natural cork.

What technology is used to make 3D thick cork tiles?

To manufacture 3D Stripe & Line cork wall covering, we select cork waste left from the production of wine stoppers. During a complex forming process, granulated cork mixed with ecological binder takes its final shape as it is molded in a suitable cast. Because each stage of the production process is thoroughly prepared, the final product is neat and durable. It not only looks fantastic, but is also practical.

Are 3D cork wall tiles available in other colours?

Yes, the basic product is the non-coloured panel which looks like natural cork, but you can choose from 8 other colours. There are both light colours, such as charming ivory or characteristic yellow, and more toned-down, darker colours, such as dark green, deep dark blue or elegant black. It needs to be noted that it’s the whole volume of the panel that is coloured, not only its surface. The whole cork mass is dyed, so even if the tile becomes slightly worn or damaged due to long-term use, it will not affect this product’s unique look.

Why use natural cork?

Natural cork is a flexible, neutral and ecological material. Moreover, it has excellent insulation properties. It will successfully suppress noise and echo and minimize heat loss. Doubtlessly, it’s one of few materials which make a room cozier, quieter and warmer and at the same time stabilize humidity and positively affect the microclimate of any interior.

The smallest number of panels that can be ordered is 6. How many panels do I need to cover 1 m2

The price includes 1 3D diamond-shaped cork tile with total area of 0.05 m2. The shorter diagonal is 24.5 cm, whereas the longer one is 42.5 cm. If you want to cover a wall with total area of 1 m2, you will need at least 21 tiles. To install the tiles, we recommend using Wakol D-3540, low-priced and professional glue intended for cork. You can find it under “Cork glues”. A small 0.8 kg bucket will be enough to glue about 70 tiles, whereas a bigger 2.5 kg bucket will allow you to install up to 240 cork wall tiles. 3D CorkWall Stripe & Line.

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