Unique and decorative IVORY (RAL 1015) cork wall tiles 3D STRIPES

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Why to choose a 3D cork wall panel?

Cork wall panels are a very eye-catching, yet, minimalistic home decoration that makes your interior look and feel cosy. Made from 100% natural cork recycled from wine bottles, this eco-friendly material gives a touch of nature to your house. The cork wall cladding integrates well in all interiors types. You can use it, e.g., as a stylish decoration of the living room or as an effective sound barrier in your child’s room. Offering an excellent price-quality ratio, our acoustic cork wall panels can replace all other kinds of wall decorations. They are superior to other types of wall cladding such as ceramics, plastic, metal, glass and wood. The panels offer great acoustic properties and outstanding durability, which makes them a much more practical solution than traditional types of wall coverings.

What are the most important features of 3D cork wall cladding?

The cork wall panels are made from 100% natural material which offers excellent resistance and provides high aesthetic qualities. Thanks to their unique 3D design, they can be combined with elements in different styles. No matter what style you like, a cork wall will surely win your heart. You can match it with modern, classic, Scandinavian and contemporary styles.

Learn what makes our cork wall cladding so special:
  • High aesthetic qualities adjusted to your needs
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic shield
  • Humidity stabilizer
  • Excellent durability with excellent resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Our acoustic cork wall panels made from ecological cork offer great insulation properties. They keep heat inside and don’t let us leave the room. What is more, they reduce sounds and minimize echo. These two features combined with the ability to stabilize humidity in the room, makes them one of the most practical materials used in home design.

How do I install 3D cork wall panels?

The installation of our cork sound panels is very easy and doesn’t require special skills and knowledge. If you have no experience in installing cork wall cladding, you can have it done by a professional, but you can also try to do it on your own. Keep in mind that, that the cork wall panels should have time to acclimatize before the installation. Leave them for at least 48 hours in the room, where they will be installed, so that they can get used to the temperature and moisture.

The price of the product relates to one piece of cork wall cladding. To cover the area of 1 sq. m you need to have about 21 separate cork sound panels. You can cut panels to the desired shape using a wallpaper knife, which you can also find in our shop. The acoustic cork wall panels do not require any kind of impregnation or painting – all you need to do is to glue them onto the wall. If, after some time, you want to clean the surface, use a vacuum cleaner. Don’t use water to clean the cork and don’t install the panels in the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity levels.

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