PURPLE aluminium framed cork display board 90x120cm

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Model/Product no.: TK129ALC
Weight: 6.1 kg
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This practical and elegant cork notice board made of the best Portuguese cork comes with a strong and elegant aluminium decoline frame with grey plastic corners. The fibreboard, which is extremely durable and yet light, guarantees that the board will be strong and robust, whereas flexible and soft technical cork makes for the product’s tasteful look and functionality. The framed cork board is about 10 mm thick, which is enough even if you want to stick the longest pins in it.

Boards with this type of frame are hung on the wall using the so-called eyelet screws which have already been attached to the aluminium profile on the back of the board. When you hang the board on the wall, the eyelets will be invisible. When you are placing your order, please let us know in the information field whether you want to hang the board vertically or horizontally. If you don’t, we will prepare the board to be hung horizontally, which is the standard practice.

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