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World map cork board 107x200cm

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The whole world at your fingertips? Now it’s possible!

Build your own version of the world! A cork world map is a unique and interesting wall world map cork board which has two functions. Firstly, it will look great in any room. Regardless of interior design, our world looks astonishing. Secondly, you can use pins to hang photos, postcards and other souvenirs from all over the world on your board. The cork map can be personalized and it’s up to you to paint or cut it. Personalize your world and use it to express yourself!

Where would the cork world map work best?

Our practical and designer large cork world map will be a perfect design feature of any home, apartment, office and school. You’re planning to expand your business to new markets and want to devise a development strategy? Or maybe you’re a geography teacher and a world map cork board would be a perfect teaching aid for your students? A cork world map will be indispensable in each of these situations! It’s an excellent gadget not only for travel enthusiasts, but also for all fans of timeless solutions. Don’t wait any longer and buy yourself an absolutely unique gift. It will bring together your adventures and memories and inspire you to plan and dream about new journeys.

Natural cork and modern technology, or how is it made?

Our world map cork pin board is enjoying great popularity. This interior design classic is made of top-quality natural Portuguese cork and is 7 mm thick. When the cork layer is this thick, you can stick pins in it freely and it won’t crumble and no pin will break through it. In the manufacturing process, we use state-of-the-art technologies and advanced software. Each production stage is subjected to strict quality control which eliminates all errors and defects. Protective pads are glued to finished cork products, which are then packed in strong cardboard boxes with protective filling.

Will I manage to hang the cork world map on the wall on my own?

You don’t need to look for a drill and anchors or buy special glue. Installation is easy, quick and pleasant. On the back of the cork layer, we’ve placed special self-adhesive elements which will enable you to hang the map on any smooth and clean surface. All you need to do is it remove protective foil, choose a place on the wall and firmly press the map to the surface... And that’s all! You can enjoy your corkboard map.

What if I want to take the cork map off the wall?

Remember that you can take the cork off the wall at any time and place it somewhere else. You won’t damage the cork nor the wall. The adhesive layer was designed so that it doesn’t leave any traces of glue on the surface and so that it can be removed and glued somewhere else a few times. Do you rent a flat? Maybe you don’t want to damage a newly painted wall? Or you often move houses? This solution is perfect for you!

Do you offer framed world map corkboards with world map print?

In our offer, you will find cork world maps in 3 sizes, as well as Europe cork map. Alternatively, you can choose cork boards with black or white MDF frames and world map print. Regardless of which solution you like best, you can always find something for yourself in our shop. Check out or cork globes and the most recent addition to our offer, a cork map of UK and Ireland which will enable you to take over the whole United Kingdom!

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