Decorative expanded wall cork tiles Expanda

Are you bored with traditional and banal decorations?

Zzzz... Wake up! We have a solution for that! If you are fed up with boring wallpapers, you probably are looking for an original, yet stylish and sophisticated decoration for your interior. Our decorative expanded cork wall tiles Expanda will open up a wonderful new experience. Beautiful and stylish interior? You've got it!

Stylish and universal decoration at your fingertips

Decorative wall cork tiles made of expanded cork will bring warmth to your room and provide a sense of privacy. That original material combines insulation parameters with the unique design of the glossy surface. Expanda cork is a universal product that will prove useful in many places. Are you looking for natural bedroom ideas? Bathroom tiles? Cork decorations for living room, office, restaurants, cafés or other places exposed to frequent contact with touch? Great! If you're looking for a natural lining for the terrarium – this is also a place for you!

Can original design be combined with usability and high quality?

Of course! Our cork decoration provides not only a unique visual effect, but also excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Expanda mutes sounds, noise and ensures blissful relaxation at home. How is that possible? Due to the special type of agglomerated cork, the product does not contain polyurethane or any other fillers or additives. Due to the high-temperature processing treatment it expands (similarly to popcorn) and suberin that is released during the process is a natural adhesive that binds the expanding grains. This is how we produce wonderful, yet natural and sustainable products that provide excellent vibroisolation, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Do you know that by choosing our product, you care about the environment?

Are you looking for eco-friendly products? This is for you! You can rest easy with our product – Expanda is a completely natural and environment-friendly material. We offer you a combination of a unique and useful decoration created entirely by nature – it couldn't be better, right?

Something for allergy sufferers...

Did you know that Expanda tiles do not attract dust? It sounds like a dream... And we make it come true just for you! Choose our cork wall tiles, and you will solve the problem with dust!

Keeping to the subject of dust – what about cleaning?

Who likes to waste their time cleaning? The answer is clear. We understand you perfectly and have a solution. Our cork material is extremely easy to clean – just wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it clean. Very simple!

What about the size?

Size matters, and our decorative cork tiles made of expanded cork are available in 305 × 305 mm format and 10 mm thick. This is the largest format available.

How can I install the tiles?

Relax, it's very easy and with our help, you won't have a problem with that. Our decorative cork tiles can be glued in many ways, but the easiest and cheapest way is to use a cork tile adhesive. We recommend Wakol D-3540, which you can find in the category "Cork tile adhesive".

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