Large cork pinboards roll 5mm x 1m x 25m

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The 5mm cork roll is one of eight thicknesses available in this product segment in our store's offer. It is a popular alternative to cork sheets, because it avoids the excessive number of joints, when creating large cork boards on a larger wall surface. Depending on how many large cork board you need, you can buy both a roll of cork length of only 1m, but also a larger material, in the form of a roll even 25m long.

Are you a teacher, looking for a cork roll to create cork sheets? Or maybe in your kindergarten, children haven't place to put their drawings? We have just solved your problem. The cork roll with a thickness of 5mm has the best ratio of thickness to price. At an attractive price, you get the highest quality material, thick enough to attach pins.

How to cut the cork material? What to stick it on then?

Natural cork is an extremely grateful material, because it doesn't require any professional knowledge or even specialized tools both during the machining and the final assembly. For a precise and aesthetic cut, we recommend a plain wallpaper knife, which can be stocked at any supermarket or building store. Of course, the cork roll can also be processed with other tools. Each time, however, we recommend performing previous tests on the test material to check the desired effect.

The cork pin board prepared for assembly can be installed by using any contact adhesive. It doesn't matter if it is a brand and specialist natural cork adhesive or a popular wood glue. It is important that the adhesive is high quality and that it grips the cork board wall immediately after pressing it against the substrate. The glue recommended by us, meeting all our quality criteria is cork adhesive Wakol D-3540. It is a product created especially for cork products, guaranteeing the highest durability and quality of assembly. With the purchase of the cork roll, you can add it to the basket by going to the category "cork adhesives".

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